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Sunday Day Pass Required

Helicopters, UFOs & Super Soldiers: OH MY!

Sunday, February 8       5:00 pm - 5:45 pm       Room: Century A


     In 2011 an “awakening” occurred that changed Ms. Fenton’s life forever. Lorien experienced a vivid memory of being used in the Mind Control Project in a “consciousness twining" and breeding program. Lorien tells the story of 72 hours that exposed the underlying truth to the incidents in her life that she now believes were stepping stones leading up to that moment; and how this lead her to a better understanding of the “mind control” used by Aliens and our own government.

Lorien Fenton is the producer of and the, the Marin/Sonoma California MUFON Event Director, and host of The Fenton Perspective on Revolution Radio at and CA MUFON Radio on