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Star Water: Life Outside the Earth


  Saturday, February 7       4:00 pm - 5:30 pm       Room: La Jolla

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     Life outside the earth is a nearly certain reality. One of the best pieces of evidence is the recent exploration of extraterrestrial water. Nearly every planet, many moons, and dozens of places outside the solar system have proven to be rich in H2O. The aspects of earth that make it so friendly to life are not so unique, and this has vast implications for the goals of an alien race. In this workshop the group will analyze the implications of the ubiquity of water, and discuss how this frames an extraterrestrial's interest in earth.

Post Conference:

The Near-Term Future of Earth - Climate extremes, a pole reversal, a weakening magnetosphere, dangerous space radiation, economic collapse, geoengineering, mega-quakes and super volcanos. How do these things tie together? What are the chances of a cataclysmic jolt to our way of life? See More.......

Ben Davidson is the Director of the Mobile Observatory Project and Founder of the Suspicious0bservers, a group of science enthusiasts and independent researchers in excess of 200,000 people across the globe. After training and working in due diligence research, Ben turned his skills towards his passions. Ben hosts a popular space-weather news show on YouTube and has posted daily for more than 3 years. He also operates, where you can find his primary research and literature reviews. Research topics include heliophysics, cosmic chemistry, seismology, earth's magnetism, climate change, meteorology, geopolitics, health/nutrition, and the new electric universe theories.