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Enlightenment - Wisdom of Ancient Masters

Saturday, February 11        9:00 am - 10:00 am       Room: Century D


     THE PATH to awaken is to find your inner light, leading to the truth and inner peace. How your mind has been conditioned to think with limits and how you can be free from that conditioning.

     Finding clarity of mind and freedom from the ego leads to inner peace and opening the space for real enlightenment to occur. There are nine steps on the path, this teaching taken from ancient spiritual masters and texts such as the Vedic texts, the Bhagavad Gita, the Tao and the Pali Canon will focus on the reality of the beauty that you are and the power you are connected to.

In attending this event you will learn about the ego and its influence over your mind by:-


  • Be able to truly love yourself
  • Realizing your true greatness, your beauty and divinity
  • Free yourself from conditioned thinking
  • Learning to simplify your life
  • Increased Mindfulness
  • Be clear in your decision making
  • Live in flow more often
  • Learning to live and connect to the divine within your heart
  • Separating your thoughts from the negative
  • Having increased control over your responses to life
  • Learning to surrender to life
  • Finding true inner peace in all circumstances
  • Loving deeper and more fully experiencing joy in the small things
  • Learn to separate your ego and listen to the divine voice inside to guide you

     This teaching brings the Ancient spiritual wisdom of masters to today's busy lifestyle so it is easily understood and readily applicable.

     Brett Jones is the international author of the best selling Awaken book and a spiritual teacher of the THE PATH to awaken.


Brett is a writer of wisdom, spiritual teacher, adventurer and lover of people. He speaks internationally to the teachings and meditations contained in his best selling book Awaken.

He has been featured in the media such as Channel 9 Australia, West Australian newspaper, CNBC Canada, First Post India , Omvana, Finer Minds, Elephant journal, Wakeupworld, Annapurna living, The Rich Daily,, Om Times and many others.