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Bridging the Metaphysical and Physical Worlds

Friday, February 10        7:00 pm - 8:00 pm        

Room: Century B


     The Focus of Discussion will be on bridging the Metaphysical and Physical Worlds of Planet Earth.  Insights on how to raise your vibration and unlock your dormant DNA will be shared. ”It’s time to Share God’s Gifts with Humanity.”

Rion DeRouen is an Awakened Being sent from Our Galactic Family to aid in the Awakening of Mass Consciousness here on Earth. Founder of Team Light, he and his associates Alexander Mazzone and Giselle Koy will share how to raise your frequency and unlock your highest level of being. Rion and Giselle are currently filming a Conscious Media Talk Show with iVolve TV titled, “The Daily Vibe”, set to release early 2016. Rion is also creating original, high vibrational content available on the ROKU channel, “Sedona Free TV.” For more information on these subjects visit  See you There.