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Ascension Now! Panel Discussion

Guiding Personal
 Planetary Transfiguration

Saturday, February 11      11:30 am - 1:30 pm       Plaza Ballroom




This Panel of Ascension Experts will share their experiential and up-to-date knowledge of the complex Ascension process taking place on the planet now, revealing practical step-by-step instructions that you can apply in your daily life.

The Current Cosmic Ascension Plan

Steps to Prepare for Ascension

How to Activate the Merkaba Light Body

Accessing the Quantum Field

Scientific Technology of Transfiguration

The Role Crystal Light Plays

Living in the 5D Earth

Be open to awakening your hidden knowledge, activating ancient codes, and charging your energy field with Light Consciousness, to accelerate your personal evolution during this powerful time of global awakening!

Moderator: Debra Giusti
For the past 35 years
Debra has been on the leading edge of progressive culture, supporting “New Paradigm” evolution, personal transformation, sustainable lifestyles, leading-edge spirituality and community. She founded and managed the original Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa beginning in 1980.
See her FREE workshop on Sunday at 4 pm

Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD. is the Creator of TheQuest, and award winning author of the Earth 2012-33 series, Aurora is a pioneering doctor and holds 38 certificates in advanced healing as well as BA, MA, PhD in Psychology.


Lori Spagna is a best-selling Author and Visionary who provides Sacred Energy Healing, Dormant DNA Activation, Intuitive Channeling and teaches Animal Communication.


William Henry is an internationally recognized authority on human spiritual potential, transformation and ascension. He hosts the Gaia TV series The Awakened Soul: The Lost Science of Ascension.


Matt Kahn is a spiritual teacher and intuitive who offers messages and energetic transmissions to serve the awakening of humanity. Matt Kahn is the author of the best-selling book “Whatever Arises, Love That.


Mystic, Author and Akashic Records Guides Founder, Maureen St. Germain is known for Ascension awareness tools producing self-empowerment and transformation. Teaching world-wide since 1994, her numerous published works (books, CDs, DVDs) are best sellers on Amazon and in bookstores and have been translated into Italian, Chinese and Russian.


Meg Benedicte is an Author,   Teacher and Founder of Quantum  Access™, who experienced a profound kundalini awakening in 1994 that activated her spiritual Ascension and whose mission is to help accelerate everyone’s Ascension.