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 Growing Food in Southern California

Saturday, February 11      1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Location: Permaculture Event Room



     Imagine the potential of this unique and bountiful Mediterranean like climate.  Let, Master Gardener, and author of the book, Growing Food In Southern California,  show you how to build your soil and custom design the perfect micro-farm food forest.  David wrote the only 100 percent organic growing guide for southern California after decades of experience teaching at UCLA, starting and managing the Chinese Herb Garden, The Seed Library of Los Angeles, & The Learning Garden, at Venice High School,


     Come home to your own perpetually abundant multi tiered food forest and vegetable gardens.  Whether you just want better results from your garden or are ready for a food forest donít miss this opportunity to learn everything youíll need to holistically produce more and more food all year every year.  Design your environment to support your favorite diet, build the soil, augment your  landscape design, and empower the entire web of life.  If you eat food or use a biological body donít miss this entertaining presentation!


A constant gardener in the field of activism.  David has maintained a grounded approach to turning the tide of non-sustainable practices.  Follow his solid accomplishments rooted in community supported action and nurtured by a burning sense of urgency.


Leading the way as founder of the Seed Library of Los Angeles, as a UCLA teacher, and Director of The Learning Garden(the famous community garden on the campus of Venice High). 


An entertaining and knowledgeable speaker, David has given thousands of public talks, TV & Radio appearances, and is published in magazines and horticultural journals.