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Tonic Herbal Alchemy,

Elixer Making Workshop

Sunday, February 12            2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Location: Permaculture Event Room


Join Rehmannia for an elixir tasting party, making super-potions of tonic herbs. He will discuss the ancient roots and alchemy of Chinese tonic herbalism and show us how to make the elixirs, to empower and rejuvenate our mind, body and spirit.


Rehmannia is an initiate into the 5000 year old Gate of Life lineage of Tonic Herbalism. He completed an 8 year apprenticeship (1998-2006) as Teamaster for Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden. Rehmannia holds a degree as Master Herbalist from Natural Healing College, studied Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis at Alhambra Medical University, and is a U.C Master Gardener.


Rehmannia is author of seven books, including Raw Chi, Healing Thresholds, Elixirs of Immortality, and his novel The Hsien. He has recently launched an online course, the Gate of Life., and has created unique tonic herbal products, available from his company Shaman Shack Herbs