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                            POST CONFERENCE SEMINAR

The Amazing Answers ‘Life Hack’ Seminar

Monday, February 13     8:00 pm - 10:30 pm     Room: Century A

Join the witty and entertaining Dr Sean David Morton as he brings you cutting edge truth on some of the problems and challenges we face today.Too much stress! Too much fear! Too many people telling us we are doomed!

In this all new power point presentation ‘the Doctor is in’ and he will present his research and conclusions on such dilemmas as:

* How to keep your children safe from vaccines

* How to prevent the effects of cell phone radiation

* How to defend against the impact of chemtrails

* What are the best treatments for Cancer?

* The latest cutting edge science on Life Extension

* How to get out from under the Federal Government?

And much, much more!

Sean David Morton is the host of ‘Strange Universe Radio’. He is author of bestselling books on his research of true mysteries, Black Seraph, The Dark Prophet and Sands of Time (3 volumes). Sean is an award winning Indie film writer/director and has appeared in many TV documentaries on the Paranormal. His talents in remote viewing and psychic skills have received worldwide recognition.