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Exoplanets, Extraterrestrial intelligence and the New Paradigm Worldview

Sunday, February 12       4:00 pm - 5:30 pm       Room: Los Angeles B


    Our Human Family’s new array of space borne telescopes are daily identifying an ever increasing number of exoplanets possessing favorable conditions to support life, leading to the inevitability that we will discover, in the very near future, one or more highly intelligent and highly technologically developed extraterrestrial species.

The seven presently operative human worldviews all postulate that our human species is the be all and end all of all biological evolution in the universe,

But the discovery that humanity is not alone will require the development of an entirely new and distinct worldview. Daniel Sheehan will discuss the activities of the New Paradigm Institute in Berkeley California, where he and his staff are working to discern and articulate the components of this new cosmic worldview.

    As we come to understand that the universe was not created for the sole purpose of serving as a stage upon which the human drama alone will be played out, our human family can continue to more effectively evolve from a materially enmeshed state into an unconditioned state of consciousness.



For forty-six years Daniel Sheehan’s work as a public interest attorney placed him at the center of many of the most important legal cases of our time. His lawsuits have involved the Watergate and Iran-Contra Scandals, the Pentagon Papers, and the killing of Karen Silkwood. Daniel has served as president of the Romero Institute since 1992, where he continues to work towards identifying and dismantling structural sources of injustice.