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2017 Conference

Sunday Day Pass Required

Messages of Love From Beyond
Sunday, February 12       2:00 pm - 3:30 pm       Room:  La Jolla Ballroom


Ignite the Power of Love

Monday, February 13      6:30 pm - 9:30pm      Room: Pacific Ballroom


Messages of Love From Beyond

with James Van Praagh


Join world-renowned psychic medium, spiritual teacher, and New York Times bestselling author, James Van Praagh, for an unforgettable evening of Spirit messages! 


You’ll feel the presence of a loved one you’ve been missing as James leads the entire audience through a powerful exercise to blend with the Spirit world – then delivers personal, detailed messages of love, comfort and encouragement to random audience members!


You’ll leave forever changed – with a fresh new perspective on life and death, a stronger connection to the spirit world and the comforting awareness that you are not alone!


Ignite the Power of Love”

with James Van Praagh


Join James Van Praagh, world-renowned psychic medium and #1 New York Times bestselling author of over a dozen books, including his latest-The Power of Love!


In this life-changing workshop, James will reveal secrets  and techniques from The Power of Love:


- Master the negative patterns of your past to let your best self emerge!

- Reconnect with spirit family from the other side and learn the lessons they have for you. 

- Create a road map for achieving the love, happiness and new opportunities you desire.


The Power of Love will harmonize your thoughts, deeds and relationships
 and ultimately transform your life experience.

Sit in the front rows plus join James for a special book signing reception
immediately following his Keynote.

You will also be given James's beautiful Divine Love meditation program.
 All part of the VIP ticket upgrade.

Turn your fear into love in this enchanting meditation program.

You will forever be changed with this meditation program as James Van Praagh assists you in creating love in every aspect of your life. The combination of James’ voice and Steven Halpern’s healing music guides you to letting go of the old patterns of a fearful and limited existence and moving to a whole place of abundance and pure love. You will see yourself in a whole new way. In addition to the two guided meditations, this program includes a musical interlude selection by Steven Halpern for personal meditation experiences, a special, personal interview with James Van Praagh, and a workbook.


MP3 files of 2 guided meditations, music, and interview, plus a pdf file of the Companion Workbook.