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Saturday Day Pass Required


Saturday, February 11        2:00 pm - 3:30 pm        Room: Los Angeles B

      Experience the power of actively transforming your life with spiritual success coach Joanna Garzilli. Manifest everyday miracles, create radical prosperity, and live a life filled with purpose, with the 11 spiritual rules for creating Big Miracles. Joanna will teach you exactly how to make huge positive changes in your life and to replace anxiety with tranquility, self-doubt with self-acceptance, and insecurity with certainty about your life purpose. In this inspiring workshop you will lay the foundation with the first rule, Align with Spirit, as you experience a special guided meditation and enlightening interactive exercises to nurture your connection to Spirit and manifest your Big Miracles.


Joanna Garzilli is a spiritual success coach, motivational speaker and author of Big Miracles” publishing by Harper Elixir on Valentine’s Day 2017. She has been featured in media worldwide and given intuitive guidance over the past twenty years for business leaders, entrepreneurs and celebrities. She lives with her husband, Nick and their son, Dominick.