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Spirituality in Times of Chaos

Saturday, February 11     4:00 pm - 5:30 pm       Room: Los Angeles A


     Yes, it is possible to live in peace in stormy times. It is the commitment we must take on. the important to understand our spiritual role in the circumstances in which we are immersed and how to be an agent of global transformation using our individual power. There are Keys to living with the strength of our spirit beyond our environment, whether it is relationships, family, work or nation.



Bevione travels to Latin America, speaking in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Chile, Canada and the Dominican Republic. Also, he guides “Spiritual Boot Camp” retreats, where small groups of attendees are personally guided by him.

Julio Bevione is an inspirational speaker and author of 11 books on spirituality. He was born in Argentina in 1972 and since 1997 is based in the United States and currently lives in New York City.


Through spiritual psychology, meditation, practical exercises and conscious breathing, Bevione guides people to identify and purify their limiting fears and thoughts. His work drives to establish more loving relationships and live with freedom, greater awareness and commitment.