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2017 Conference

Sunday Day Pass Required

Yoga of Plant Medicine

Soul & Science

Sunday, February 12       4:00 pm - 5:30 pm       Room: Marina


     While plant medicines have pharmacological actions for healing, their power goes far beyond that. The Sanskrit word ‘yoga’ signifies union and conscious connection between self and the rhythms and cycles of the cosmos. This workshop explores plant medicines in this larger context to feed the body, mind and spirit. We'll explore wisdom from Ayurveda and ancient cultures as well as leading edge sciences of nutrigenomics and psychoneuroimmunology. We'll learn about


              The five root causes of illness and how to use plant medicine to heal each

         Techniques and contemplative practices to open consciousness by cultivating close      relationships with plant allies and understand their lessons.


     In its highest philosophical sense, yoga means conscious connection of the individual self with the highest Self, where you feel connected to the rhythms and cycles of the cosmos. When you connect with plant medicine in this larger context, new doors to well-being and consciousness open for you.

        Science and spirit come together in this workshop, as we explore our biological and spiritual connection with the botanical kingdom for healing on multiple levels.


Award-winning formulator, author and entrepreneur, Kitty Wells left Silicon Valley to follow her passion for botanical medicine and create Spice Pharm. She combines leading-edge science and ancient wisdom to create unique wellness products.  She travels the globe studying and speaking on the art and science of spices and plants.