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2017 Conference


Saturday Day Pass Required


The New Power of You

in Extreme Times

Saturday, February 11         10:00 am - 11:30 am     
Room: La Jolla Ballroom

In these ever-changing times, it is vitally important to understand the power of our own potential. In this workshop, transformational media catalysts, Lisa Garr and Jennifer Mclean, combine their knowledge and healing abilities to help you release where you have been limiting yourself so you can launch into the resilient and brilliant person you truly are. You will experience a visualization that allows you to walk through fear-based beliefs into an experience of your authentic self. You will come out of this workshop being able to embrace the light and the darkness inside of you and as you change and accept all parts of you, everything around you will begin to respond and change too.




Lisa Garr a popular transformational radio host on KPFK’s "The Aware Show”,  WBAI (New York) Hay House Radio and "Coast to Coast AM",  Lisa reaches over four million global listeners monthly. Lisa is committed to programming that inspires positive growth.  Her best-selling book,  Becoming Aware: How to Repattern Your Brain and Revitalize your Life outlines her recovery from a tragic brain injury and how she found her voice to affect change in others.  


Jennifer McLean founder and CEO of McLean Masterworks, Jennifer produces Healing with the Masters Seminars merging digital and traditional marketing with her passion for healing. In her book, Spontaneous Transformation, she has implemented an innovative formula for success and well-being helping thousands liberate withheld energy from illness.