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Saturday Day Pass Required

Shapeshifting Into Bountiful Living

Releasing Your Fears Around Aging and Death 

Saturday, February 11       10:00 am - 11:30 am       Room: Los Angeles B


    Over all the years of my teaching, I have discovered that two main things hold people back from living a Bountiful Life: fears around aging and death.

     Come with me into the world of shamanism and discover how to overcome these fears.

  • Learn the wisdom and power of your Sacred Wheel of life.

  • Learn to tap into the rhythms of nature and embrace the blessings of any season of life.

  • Learn what The Sisterhood of the Shields teaches us about a deep, internal beauty

  • Journey to the domain of the Masters - meditation.

    Join me in Shapeshifting as we discover the beauty of aging,
and the certainty that life truly is a celebration of passages.


Lynn Andrews is the internationally best-selling author of the Medicine Woman series of books chronicling over three decades of work with indigenous shaman women from four different continents. Lynn is a highly skilled shaman woman in her own right who is recognized worldwide as a leader in the fields of spiritual healing and personal