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2017 Conference


Saturday Day Pass Required


Break Out of the 3D Polarity Matrix
Into Your 5D Self    

Saturday, February 11         2:00 pm - 3:30 pm       Room: Los Angeles A

Are you ready to be your 5D Self?

     Need help sorting it all out? You are part of the solution! The Ascension consists of many (eventually all) of us choosing to become, without dying, Ascended Masters, right here, right now. It’s far more available and attainable than you may comprehend. Begin to understand your “new normal” consists of magical shifts and changes! Maureen is known to provide you with understanding and practical tools to help you navigate this new territory. Solving problems is easy in 5D on 3D problems! Galvanize and grow into your 5D God-self with new tools for ascension.


Mystic, Author and Akashic Records Guides Founder, Maureen St. Germain is known for Ascension awareness tools producing self-empowerment and transformation. Teaching world-wide since 1994, her numerous published works (books, CDs, DVDs) are best sellers on Amazon and in bookstores and have been translated into Italian, Chinese and Russian.