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 2017 Conference


Alien Technology

   Abductions, Implants,

Cloning and Timelines

Saturday, February 11

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm       Newport B


Navigating the Alien

Holographic Timeline


Monday, February 13


What is Really Going On?

    In this workshop, Ron offers us a revealing look at Alien Technology which has been connected to humans! Participants will be offered the CLS profound clearings / healings, which gently release unseen harmful Alien technologies from us.

   Alien species don’t ask our permission! They travel using stargates, portals and vortexes. They’re stealth and use invisible technology to manipulate and control people. Have you been abducted? Find out how to tell if you’ve been abducted. Has an invisible tracking barcode been attached to you? Find out if you have an Alien personal handler. Ron exposes the Alien use of: mind control transmissions, channeling, downloads, implants and installed robotic hardware.

   Discover the significance of recurring dates, numbers and keywords in your life. Learn how to release recycling traumatic energy from past events. Find out how energy from rituals and religions are accessed and used by Extraterrestrials. *NOTE: Bring drinking water to be activated with the vibrational Light frequency that your body needs


The Unseen Alien Presence on Earth

   Deceitful Alien species have been using invisibility cloaking to conceal their interference with us! Ron will reveal invisible Alien Technology which directly interferes with our mind, body and dream world. Throughout this highly informative workshop participants will be offered CLS profound clearings/healings which release these Alien technologies.

    Experience removal of head and neck implants including their injected poisons. Participant will also be offered the removal of Alien installed robotic hardware and invisible Alien Energy forms such as: Entities, shadow bodies and shape shifters.

  The underlying truth is Aliens have linked the entire human race to clone replicas with Artificial Intelligence existing within thousands of fabricated timelines! Learn how to clear, protect and empower yourself! Find out how to get off timelines that are attached to you.  Learn how to perfect Timeline Crashing. Regain your freedom!


NOTE: Bring drinking water to be activated with the precise vibrational Light frequency that your body needs.

Ron Amitron, Spiritual Teacher/Master Healer, has an unparalleled understanding of Alien involvement with humans. Get the facts plus effective life-changing solutions! Home page link: Live weekly radio shows and archives. Experience samples of the online CLS clearings/healings from the monitor screens at the CLS Booth. CLS online interactive in-depth clearings and healings are available at