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2017 Conference

Saturday Day Pass Required

Mindfulness, Meditation, Music

and Higher Consciousness

Saturday, February 11        2:00 pm - 3:30 pm        Room: Marina

 Discover how to access deeper states of meditation, spiritual growth and healing using

Hi-Psi Sound ™. Ancient and modern psycho-active, audio neuro-technology is a powerful ally if you know how to use and honor its potential. Alpha and theta level  Brainwave entrainment, chakra balancing and the inherent stresses encoded in most music (‘scalus interruptus’ effect) will be experienced.  You’ll  learn how to support your innate intelligence and gene expression for optimal health ( a song for your DNA?) while also identifying online sound scams. Especially recommended for healers, bodyworkers, teachers and those with adult ADHD.  You’ll leave uplifted, attuned and at peace in the Now.


Steven Halpern is a Grammy nominated recording artist, researcher, author,  pioneering sound healer and a 40 year stealth agent for ‘subtle activism’ . A founding father of New Age music, his classic recordings ( CHAKRA SUITE, DEEP THETA,  MINDFUL PIANO and RELAX INTO SLEEP) are used worldwide in healing and corporate wellness centers, classrooms, hospitals and hospice.