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2017 Conference


Sunday Day Pass Required


Stellar Binary Codes

Sunday, February 12       6:00 pm - 7:30 pm       Room: Marina

The stellar binary codes work to establish a deep connection with your intentions and help you to break the patterns that block you in your life. At the same time, they serve to reconnect your energy with the no-mind which can manifest your goals or projects. These stellar codes allow the fusion between the cosmic and the human in one being: You! All this information works at the molecular level, the atoms in your cells recognize those patterns of information and attach them to the minerals of your body in the form of codified light, and they interpret it and communicate it to your 250 billion cells in your whole body to work in unity and harmony.



    Ac-Tah is a descendant of the Ch'en P'it Tah, those who transmit the knowledge of the Mayan culture. A walker for peace and currently sharing the knowledge protected for more than 3 thousand years to improve productivity in the business world, Ac-Tah has given workshops of personal growth, freeing the mind and body of energies and beliefs that hinder the development of our personal power.