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2017 Conference

                                       FREE WORKSHOP

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Chakras of the Golden Age

Sunday, February 12       6:00 pm - 7:30 pm       Room: Newport B

We are now in the the transitional period towards Earth's Golden Age.


This means that everything is vibrating at a higher rate by means of the new light that is constantly flowing from the universe. We absorbe this light through our chakra system and to fully receive this new golden light we must clean out our old system. The Litios Crystals© given to humanity by Light Lord Metatron is a wonderful tool of ascension to achieve this.

In this free 90 minute workshop you'll see, feel and experience this new light, the light of the angels, in your life.



David Carreno is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and instructor, he started teaching this science early on his life. This experience taught him that there is more to ourselves than just the brain which led him to the teachings of the ancient schools of mysteries.