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2017 Conference

Keynote Workshop
Saturday Day
Pass Required

The Antarctic Atlantis:
Cosmic History of the Illuminati

Saturday, February 11
pm - 10:00 pm
La Jolla Ballroom

Post Conference

Ascension Geometry:

What It Takes to Make It

Monday, February 13

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

La Jolla Ballroom

Keynote Address

The Antarctic Atlantis:
Cosmic History of the Illuminati

Classified government programs have identified stupendous new ruins in Antarctica, built by a group of giants with elongated skulls now called the Pre-Adamites. In this stunning talk we will trace the half-million-year history of the Pre-Adamites, see pictures of their ruins in our solar system, and learn how they crashed to Earth as the “Fallen Angels”.

This group took control of the world and is still pulling the strings of our financial system, “hiding out in the open” in places like the Vatican. They use our co-creative powers against us and are hiding the truth about Ascension – an imminent, spontaneous evolution of humanity. Don’t miss this talk, jammed with highly-classified intel from our most trusted sources!

Post Conference Seminar

Ascension Geometry:

What It Takes to Make It


Join David in a remarkable scientific tour-de-force proving that the Universe originated as a single geometric merkaba, both impossibly tiny and extremely large. Each photon is a fractal of this original creation. Superclusters, galaxies, solar systems, planets, biological organisms, proteins and DNA are all structured by these remarkable new geometric laws. Never before has such a robust scientific model of a biological universe been presented.

We will delve into ancient and modern teachings that predicted the discovery of these geometric patterns and learn their deep, inner secrets of what it takes to make it for the Ascension. David will present very compelling new science to argue that the Sun will give off an epic release of energy and light, and that this will propel us into the next level of human evolution. If there is any truth to this, it is very important that you understand the graduation requirements!


David Wilcock and Corey Goode

Friday Night Special Event 

Join David and Corey in this groundbreaking “full disclosure” of the five different groups that are all fighting for humanity’s positive future and Ascension. You will meet the Earth Alliance groups, the Military-Industrial Complex Secret Space Program (MIC SSP) divisions, the Secret Space Program Alliance, the Inner-Earth Alliance and the Sphere-Being Alliance.

Each of these groups is at a progressively higher level, and the story of their efforts has captivated the “Seeking Truth” community with Corey and David’s weekly show Cosmic Disclosure. The battle is really heating up, so don’t miss the latest and greatest intel, hot off the presses! We may very well see the full public exposure and downfall of the New World Order cabal – and a release of fantastic technology and scientific advancements if the five Alliance groups get their way.


David Wilcock is the triple best-selling author of Source Field, Synchronicity Key and The Ascension Mysteries, a regular on History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, and the star of three highly popular shows on the Gaia network: Cosmic Disclosure, Wisdom Teachings and Disclosure. His groundbreaking investigations into ancient civilizations, consciousness science, new physics and conspiracy analysis have earned him the trust of multiple high-level insiders who have passed along a wealth of information about the Alliance—a group working to free us from financial and spiritual tyranny.

David has documented and analyzed his dreams every morning for 23 years, and has used them to make a variety of accurate prophecies. He is also widely regarded as the reincarnation of the legendary American psychic Edgar Cayce, possessing a stunning facial and astrological resemblance as well as having similar talents.

Corey Goode identified as an intuitive empath (IE), Goode was recruited, trained and served in MILAB Programs from the ages of 6 to 16 years of age and then 20 years in various programs. Goode’s IE abilities were crucial in interfacing with Non-Terrestrial Beings While in the Secret Space Programs. Goode had a variety of assignments including assignment to an ASSR “ISRV” – Auxiliary Specialized Space Research, Interstellar Class Vessel, and much more. Corey Goode is a co-host with David Wilcock on Gaia TV’s “Cosmic Disclosure”.