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2017 Conference

Sunday Day Pass Required

New World Order Agenda


 Sunday, February 12       6:00 pm - 7:30 pm   
Room: Los Angeles B

Join investigative film-makers Sean Stone and Dean Ryan and their celebrity guests as they brief us on their quest in uncovering the covert plans of the Globalists. Is there a secret power elite conspiring to form a One World Government? Be at this exciting event and decide for yourself.

Sean’s father, Oliver Stone recently produced the sensational documentary ‘Snowden’. Are we still being spied upon and to what extent? Sean and Dean will discuss this and much more, such as the reasons behind the creation of the EU and UN, British Empire Rule, The Dakota Pipeline conflict, Operation Mockingbird 2.0, Wikileaks, Whistleblowers & Alternative Media, the suppression of New Technology and Free Energy, who are the Globalist Puppets and Agents? and is this secret cabal trying to incite a World War III?

During this event, Sean Stone will present a Lifetime Achievement Award to preeminent researcher Jordan Maxwell. Jordan is the pioneer of research into Secret Societies, Ancient Symbols, Hidden Agendas and World Mysteries.



Sean Stone, son of controversial film maker Oliver Stone has acted in his father’s films such as Wall Street, The Doors, JFK, Natural Born Killers and many more. He has also recently starred in the civil war film "Union Bound". Sean was part of the team of investigators for the Tru TV hit Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. He currently hosts an alternative media show ‘Buzzsaw’ featured on Gaia TV, co-hosts the news program "Watching the Hawks" on RT America and is the author of the new book 'New World Order'.

Dean Ryan
is a film maker and radio/TV host of "Truth Be Told" featured on Universal Broadcasting Network and iHeart Radio. He has worked with Alex Jones' Infowars and Coast to Coast AM as a producer/reporter. He later teamed up with Natural News and started radio platform Talk Network. It was there he was the first to report on the Cuban refugee crisis while on location in Panama. In early 2016, Dean teamed up with local activists and helped spearhead the Tiny Homes for the Homeless movement in Los Angeles which garnished international attention. Today you can find Dean Ryan spreading the message of freedom in film, television, radio and by any means necessary.