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2017 Conference

Sunday Day Pass Required

Evolution and the Language of Light


Sunday, February 12        10:00 am - 11:30 am        Room: Newport B


Unleash Your Empowered Love & Abundance

Monday, February 13         5:00 pm - 7:30 pm        Room: Century C


Evolution and the Language of Light

Humanity is changing. Intuition and spiritual growth are escalating within many. Light Language is a natural part of this evolution, though it is such a different type of communication that it’s often misunderstood. It represents an advancement into heart-centered, conceptual, and connective language. Light Language interacts directly with your DNA, activating deep cellular knowledge about the innate flow of Love within you. The Language of Light expands your multidimensional awareness and connects you more clearly with your Higher Self. Experience this powerful healing modality that is accelerating healing and initiating profound change in human experience at the core of communication.

Unleash Your Empowered Love & Abundance


Your full potential is amazing! The secret of your power has been hidden from you. Your biomechanism is primed to facilitate boundless energy and information. Humanity is at a great tipping point of truly understanding and utilizing their great power. Now is the time for you to flow with emotional and financial ease!

In this transformative workshop you will learn why your positive thinking isn’t working and how to adjust your focus into your abundance and creativity for thriving over surviving. Jamye will utilize Crystalline Soul Healing, Light Language, and practical application of highly esoteric and often misunderstood concepts to help you unleash your potential!



Jamye Price, author of Opening to Light Language, is an energyhealer, channel, and teacher. She developed Crystalline Soul Healing, channels the Lyran Council of Time, and Light Language—which are multidimensional Light Codes for healing and Ascension. Jamye’s sessions, classes, and products initiate empowerment. For more information, visit