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Get Connected in our Community for Business, Friendship and Love

Saturday, February 11 from 7:30 - 9:30pm

Room: Plaza Ballroom

Now you can establish numerous contacts and follow up with people you wish to connect with… FAST.

Let’s Get Connected!


How many times have you gone to a conference and wanted to connect with people and walked away with only a few contacts? You wanted to talk to more people, but the opportunity never happened because you were in a seat the whole day and only got to peak

to people close by you at your table or while you were on breaks. We are excited to present RAPD NETWORKING at our event since there are so many amazing people to meet. This will be an exciting evening to “GET CONNECTED” and expand your network in 2017 with International Love Designer and master at connecting people, Renee Piane.

Renee Piane - Pioneer President of Rapid Dating & Networking

Renee Piane is “The Master of Connecting People” author of Get Real about Love & Love Mechanics, the pioneer and President of Rapid Networking and Rapid Dating. She is an internationally known, seminar leader, communications expert, TV & radio personality, heart healer & motivational speaker. She has facilitated events for over 500,000 people nationwide and has matched thousands of people for friendship, business and love. 

You only need only come equipped with an open heart, business cards and a powerful 30 - 60 second pitch and get ready to meet many new contacts. Let’s Get Connected!

*Learn Renee's “7 Secrets to Great Networking” during the evening.