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2017 Conference

Saturday, Day Pass Required

Reboot Your Body and Brain


Saturday, February 11        10:00 am  - 11:30 am        Room: Marina

Are you sick and tired of struggling with fancy specialists, scans,pills or injections? Youíve tried everything: trendy diets, vitamins and even positive affirmations. But still finding no relief from your unbearable pain or chronic symptoms? You may have come to realize that you just canít magic pill, paleo or downward dog yourself out of this one?  If you constantly run around all jacked up on a stress cocktail and find it mission impossible to lose the muffin top or remember where you parked your car...Then itís time to get your body working with you instead of against you, NOW. Despite what convention has shown you, struggling with aches and pain, digital dementia, exhaustion, anxiety, saddle bags, heart disease or diabetes is NOT NORMAL. No matter your age.  I can show you HOW to reverse decades of damage.

Susana is a health warrior, herbalist and acupuncturist.  She fuses her decades of experience in both Western and Eastern medicine to create life changing health transformations.