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2018 Conference


Friday Day Pass Required

Journey to the ...
"Still Point of the Heart and Healing"

Friday, February 9       3:00 pm - 4:00 pm        Room: Century A


In this fun lecture, Adam Masters reveals to you concepts of health from his new book, "Health Disclosure" never considered that unravels the mystery to achieving health.  Learn as he takes you through the Matrix to gain insight to how best align with efficiency in the body where disease cannot exist.  Learn how Adam had a client lose 60 lbs in 90 days without exercise, or changing diet to achieve ultimate efficiency.  Bring your insights as we build together the Matrix to perfect health.  Please attend as the magic of life unfolds. 


Adam Masters spent a lifetime flirting with chronic pain using conventional and alternative practitioners, but they couldn't help him from collapsing into a wheelchair with advanced cancer, unresponsive to chemo.  Learn how to resolve pain, inflammation, arthritis, and disease with simple concepts he teaches internationally. Visit Booth 351.