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2018 Conference


Saturday Day Pass Required

Feng Shui and Horoscopes

of Yang Earth Dog

Saturday, February 10      11:00 am - 12:00 pm      Room: Century C

     Feng Shui is an art that is over 4,000 years old and gaining increased interest. Within the study of Feng Shui are the concepts of Yin &Yang and the law of exchange, a system known as the 5 Elements. The Ancient Chinese hold vital views on this law of exchange, they regard it as the law that governs the order in our Universe.


    Feng Shui is about making your environment sacred and you can do this by applying Feng Shui  techniques to tap, or harness the good chi and neutralize the negative to improve your well-being, success, relationships and wealth.


    Find out how you can help yourself with practical Feng Shui tips with Feng Shui Master, Clarice Chan!

     Start the Year of the Dog on the right note with Your Fortune in 2018! Attract success and fortune in 2018….. Are you curious about what the year of the Yang Earth Dog holds for you? Do you wish to increase the possibilities of attracting and holding onto good fortune and health in 2018? Would you like to know the secrets to achieving harmonious relationships and how to spot your zodiac soulmate? And are you interested in learning how to start the lunar New Year in the right way and how to make the traditions of the Chinese culture work for you? Start the lunar New Year on the right note by reading Your Fortune in 2018 and discover: • How to prepare for the lunar New Year • Auspicious lunar New Year directions and times • Fortuitous dates and times for commencing business • Feng shui tips for your living and work space • Annual Flying Stars and their behaviour in 2018 • Grand Duke Jupiter influences on your zodiacs sign • Personal zodiac “Big Picture” for 2018 • Your Month-by-month Zodiac predictions • Love and compatible between the 12 zodiacs Learn and Increase your knowledge of Chinese traditions and rituals to attract more luck, wealth, health, success, love and good fortune into your life!


Clarice is an inspirational Feng Shui Master who is blessed with many gifts. Her leap of faith has taken her on a successful journey worldwide. Her service includes: Feng Shui, Tarot, Bai Zi Destiny, Name Numerology and Energy Healing.