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2018 Conference


Sunday Day Pass Required

Manifesting Joy and Gratitude

in These Tumultuous Times

Sunday, February 11     9:00 am - 10:00 am      Room: Century A

     Learn how to stay in the present moment which I call the "space between the spaces" where miracles and manifestation happen. This way you will be equipped for success in your present reality and you and those around you will be blessed. Learn how to show gratitude so that you can continue manifesting. Come prepared to move your body and exercise your voice. Bring a list of 3 things you want to manifest in your life.  I want quick and easy results from my participants. Listen to my short bio so that you know I do know where you are coming from.. Leave knowing that your are loved and supported.  Men and women of all ages welcomed to participate in this elevation of spirit. $10.00 off on prophetic readings at my booth after lecture for all participants to help you continue on your wondrous path.


Dianne Bauer has helped hundreds of people live a joyous and healthy life through her prophetic words and healings.  She has been trained in the art of Prophecy and Healing at the Wagner Institute of Pasadena.