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2018 Conference


Friday Day Pass Required

Healing Past Wounds ~

Manifest an Abundant Life

Friday, February 9       5:00 pm - 6:00 pm       Room: Century C

Are you stuck in a familiar cycle of disempowerment?

Do you want to increase your ability to manifest?

Ready to clear and balance your chakras at a soul level?

     If so then donít miss this exciting workshop with Shaman Isabella Stoloff, owner of the Orange County Healing Center.

     Everything that has ever happened to us creates a memory imprint on our light body. Even past lives can be stuck within our chakras so we find ourselves stuck in the same vibration over and over.

     In this dynamic workshop I will show you how to unwind thought patterns and negative energy so you can release the past and manifest an exciting future filled with good vibes.


Shaman Isabella Stoloff founder of the Orange County Healing Center-creator of the Good Vibes positive affirmation deck. Isabella provides house clearings, one-on-one sessions, Shaman training and spiritual journeys. Her sessions leave you feeling clear, creative and connected.