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2018 Conference


Saturday Day Pass Required

Endless Cellular Longevity Now Possible

Saturday, February 10      12:00 pm - 1:00 pm       Room: Century D

     We all Struggle with the concepts of age, death, disease, and toxicity.  Through a systematic approach of cellular resetting and repair, you can now begin to control the rate of AGE.  We Begin in the Gut and Finish in the Central Nervous System. All aspects of your health can be balanced and maintained for the lifetime you chose.  Live Your Passion, Assist Your Cells, Discover the stairs to the doorway of Endless Vitality and Longevity!


Joseph Montgomery, Certified Health Coach for Raw Revelations, LLC focuses on incorporating natural medicine and superfoods, to eliminate nutrient deficiencies, then the human body can become the awesome self-healing system fully optimized.