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2018 Conference


Friday Day Pass Required

Trees Talking Truth

Friday, February 9       7:00 pm - 8:00 pm      Room: Century D

Humans are Nature! Who better to help us find our way back to our true empowered selves than Nature? Frolick through a field of Energy and Nature Ah ha's, including why creeks wind back and forth, why we have a mini pine cone in our heads. (pineal gland), how rain can teach us a lighthearted understanding of the life and death process and so much more! Special Nature energy gifts ($30.00 value) to all who attend.

Kaitlyn Keyt, 11 time visionary awarded inventor, speaker and founder of 'VibesUP' -Vibrational  Therapy education and tools.  Kaitlyn studies Nature for the answers to life's BIG questions, bringing common sense understandings we can apply to our everyday lives.