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2018 Conference


Sunday Day Pass Required

Vibrational Energy Healing, Communication & Telepathy in 5D for Humans & Animals

Sunday, February 11       5:00 pm - 6:00 pm        Room: Century A

Learn About Vibrational Energy Healing for People and Animals

via 5th Dimensional Frequencies

  • Deepen Your Understanding of Animal Communication & Telepathy
  • Understand Why Animals are Our Mirrors and Why Our Animals Reveal Our Greatest Secrets
  • Explore the role of our animal companions during Ascension & The Shift of Consciousness
  • Get readings & insights about YOUR animals & what they have to share with YOU


Lori Spagna is a Best Selling Author, Intuitive, Visionary, Lightworker and Starseed who has transformed the lives of thousands of humans and animals via her Channeled Ascension Guidance, Intuition, Energy Healing and Animal Communication.  She provides Ascension Training, Sacred Energy Healing Transmissions and Dormant DNA Activations for humans and animals.  Get your free gifts from Lori here: