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2018 Conference


Saturday Day Pass Required

Far Infrared Energy and Spiritual Purification

Saturday, February 10       5:00 pm - 6:00 pm      Room: Century D

     For the Last 60 years, there has been much research on the benefits of Far-Infrared Energy for DETOXIFICATION and getting rid of pain, inflammation, and swelling.  It increases micro-circulation, helping to heal wounds, diabetic ulcer and neuropathy.  Those with Lyme Disease, diabetes, and fibromyalgia are grateful because of far-infrared Saunas.   Far-infrared Energy is extremely helpful for reducing depression, ADHD, & Autism.  It brings Joy, purifies on all levels of existence, augments meditation & inspires creativity.



Phillip Wilson, as a 1971 graduate student in mathematics, started purifying his body through fasting, yoga, meditation, etc. He opened up a Natural Health Store/Distributing Company in 1980, and started using and marketing Far-Infrared Saunas in 2002.