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Friday, February 19, 2016  -  Lecture Schedule

 Century A

Century B

Century C

Century D
3-4Dr. Har Hari Khalsa
 Sheikha Maryam Kabeer
 Dr. Lana Bettencourt Dorothy Whitman
 World's Most Advanced Bio-Energetic Medicine

 Challenges and Wonders of Transformation
 Auras and the Colors
of Love

 Chakra Introduction
and Discussion
Karol Lynn Rion DeRouen
 Rev. Bruce Mallery Lai Ubberud
 New Year
Mediumship Gallery

 Bridging Metaphysical
and Physical Worlds

 Bright Words,
 A Bright Future

 Tarot For Fun

Janet Richmond
 Robert Tennyson Stevens Tom Paladino Lyra 
 Soul Scambles
    Your Heart's Language of Thriving
 Scalar Energy Healing Protocols
 How Energy Works
 in the Physical Body

Wanda and Mike Pratnicka
 Dr. Lori Cardillino
 Ron Amitron
 Lai Ubberud
 Protection Against Psychic Attacks
  Holistic Dentistry
 Alien Holographic Timeline Matrix
  Direct Past Life

Kaitlyn Keyt
 Marialuisa Morando
 Dianne Bischoff James
  Angie Corbett
 Earth's Heartbeat Effecting Life Expectancy
 Angelic Reiki
With Your Angels

  Live Your Best
Life Ever 
 Will You Be Your Soulmate?
Alexandra Diane Joy Bauer Ranan Shahar
 Cat Caracelo
From the Light

 Reduce Stress and Experience Joy Now
 Atlas Evolution -
The Spinal Solution

Tools For
Conscious Transformation


Saturday, February 20, 2016 -  Lecture Schedule

 Century A Century B Century C Century D
9 -10
Lance Mungia and
Cristina Mercado
 Master Shunya
 Maureen St. Germain

 Robert Tennyson Stevens 
 Explore Your Own
Waking Universe

 Healing Chronic, Life Threatening Conditions
 Get 100% Accuracy with
Your Higher Self

 Sacred Body Language Tells All
10-11Rosemary Guiley
 Bob and Amelia Rudorf

Clarice Chan
 Lisa Bongi
and Nelson Abreu
 The Djinn, Black-Eyed People and ET's

 Everyday Consciousness: Partnership As a Map

 Yin and Yang, Feng Shui
of 2016 and Chinese Astrology

 Float Tanks, Tesla and Astral Projection

Joseph Montgomery
 Ora Nadrich
Bianca Childs
 Mandara Cromwell
 Your Next Revelation
Is Here!

 Says Who?
Transform Your Thoughts

Heaven and Earth

 Acoustic Meridian Intelligence Therapy
Lorraine Flaherty
 Stewart Pearce
 Keith Morey
 Dr. Luke Cua 
 Past Lives and Beyond
 The Treasure of the Angels
 Overcoming Chronic
Longstanding Illnesses

By Chinese Medicine
Elizabeth Peru
 Yushi Hagimoto
 Gary Douglas
 Your Energy Guide to 2016
 Reigen, Extraordinary

 Ground, Center and
Protect Your Energy

 Unblock Stuck Energies with Gemstones
  2 -3
Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi
 Kaitlyn Keyt
 Dick Larson
 Douglas Sutton
 Fingernail and Tongue
 An Evolved Look at
 UFOs and Their
 Experience Divine Light
Healing & Meditation
3 - 4
Brian Berman
 Tammy Lynn Calderon
 Helaine Harris
 HOLOS: Symbol For Inner Peace
 Awaken, Balance and Optimize Your Chakras
 Angelic Prosperity From the Divine
 Opening to Enlightenment 
4 - 5
Christian von Lähr
 Phillip Wilson
 Chantal Benedict
 The Monk Dude
 The Soulmate Mystery
 Far-Infrared Saunas 
Are a MUST

 Quantum Skeletal Alignment & Recalibration
 The Revolution of Love
5 - 6
Wanda and Mike Pratnicka
 Grazyna Pajunen
 Spencer Feldman
 Jacqueline Faye 
 Dangers of the Spiritual Growth 
 Breakthrough In Anti-Aging
 How to Stay
in Love

 Communicating With the
Unconscious Mind
6 - 7
Lali Kakar
 Dr. Doug Lehrer
 Paul Miller
 Carlos Caridad
 Love, Life, Laughter With Vedic Divination
 Soul to Cell Healing

 The Power of Your Perceptions
 Healing Energies: The Evolution of Healing
 7 - 8
Susan Larison Danz
 Alex Hermosillo
 Lori Spagna James John
 Multidimensional Living

 Hope, Healing and Miracles From the Other Side
 Access Your Psychic, Intuitive Gifts
 Living With Love Appreciate Forgive
 8 - 9
Jaya Sarada
and Arielle Beauduy
  Parag Pattani
 Da Vid Raphael MD
 Eric Earll
and Bert Allen
 Radiant Presence
Inner Retreat

 Reiki: Physical Healing
and Beyond

  The Light Party
 Manifesting Your Highest Life's Purpose

Sunday, February 21, 2016  -  Lecture Schedule

 Century A

Century B

Century C

Century D
9 - 10Marialuisa Morando
 Ivy Reid Douglas Taylor
 David Christopher Lewis
 Angelic Reiki
 With Your Angels Extraterrestrial Science
Our Next Step In Evolution

 Weaving Blue, Violet and Emerald Frequencies
 10-11Ann Marie Hoff
 Deborah Stuart
 Joseph Ernest Martin Marco and Catherine Grove 
 Spiritual Purpose of Pets

 Resonate at What You Want to Create!
 Please, No More Crazy

 Life Purpose...
An Angel's Perspective

Frank Cousineau
 Meg Benedicte
 Mandara Cromwell
 Dr. Kathy J. Forti
 Alternative Cancer Therapy
 Ascension Activations With Quantum Access
 The Science Behind the Sound
 Healing Codes For Transformation
12 - 1
Mariana Cooper Alexandra Renee Lynn Echt
 Tracey Ash
 Ignite Your Aha! Factor
With Your Guides   

 Healing & Anti-Aging Thru
Infra Red Technology

 The Miracle Key

  1 -2
Tracey Kennedy and
Celeste Appel
 Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe Lisa Bongi and
Nelson Abreu

Blake Bauer

 How Past Lives
 Influence You

 Float Tanks, Tesla and Astral Projection
 The Purpose of
Depression and Disease

  2 -3
Luis Minero
 Nick Delgado
 Christopher Macklin
 Douglas Sutton
 Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience
 Look Better, Look Your Best and Lose Weight
 Ancient and Sacred
Divine Knowledge

 Experience Divine Light Healing & Meditation
  3 - 4
Paul and Lillie Weisbart
 Hugh Campbell
 Candice Thomas
 Ron Amitron

Intro to Scalarwave Lasers

and the Quantum Field

 The Blessing of Contrast and Gratitude
 Healing Message From Spirit
 Alien Involvement With Humans
  4 - 5
Wanda and Mike Pratnicka
 Adam Masters
 Jose Manik
 Can Ghosts Be Dangerous?
 How to Eliminate Pharma
and Health Issues

 The New Sun Mayan Calendar
 Mantra In Song
  5 - 6
Lisa Haisha
 Susana Puelles Terry Lee Brussel Ginger Ravencroft 
 SoulBlaze Your Way to Abundance

Transforming Your

Beauty Ritual

 Meet Your Parallel Selves
 The Powers of True Aromatherapy
  6 - 7
 Esther Austin
 Shima Moore Stephan Weigandt
 Zaki De Luca
 Standing In Your Truth

  The Stargate Meditation:
An Inter-Dimensional Doorway

 Technology For Better Life Quality

  Awakening to Divine Love:
Meditation and Healing

  7 - 8
Nava Feller Edwin Harkness Spina Richard Greene Dr. Lana Bettencourt
 Lifetime Transformation
to a Healthier and
Beautiful You!
 Total Love Immersion E=MC2  and the
New Definition of God

  Auras and the Colors
of Love