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The Path to Freedom:
How To Secede From The United States Incorporated!

Monday,  February 11       9pm - 11:30pm      
Pacific Ballroom

For the very first time, Dr. Sean David Morton will teach the path to political and economic freedom!  Learn how to secede from the corporation that has become the oppressive totalitarian state called the US government.  With the last election millions of Americans, living in fear of this government., signed petitions to secede from the USA. Learn how it is done!  Learn the secrets of the difference between the Straw Man Leg is and the living man.  How a human being differs from a "corporate person!"  How you can access your stock in the great US corporation to issue bonds to set-off, settle and discharge debts such as student loans, court cases, tax debts and liens, or any government charge, fine or lien. Sean will show you the paperwork and how to file it that will get you back your status as a legal, "DE JURE" STATE NATIONAL, reclaiming the rights, freedom and protections of the Sovereign California Republic. Learn how the ex-Patriation Act  set us free only to have the government re-enslave US with most evil piece the legislation ever conceived:
THE 14th amendment. This is not crazed "patriot" theory, but a real world, working process that Sean has proven and done himself.  You must not miss this event!  Your life and liberty depend on it!  "Give me liberty or give me death!".  

Dr. Sean David Morton's is internationally recognized as America's premiere futurist. Author of the smash best-seller Sands of Time, a pioneer of Remote Viewing, called "America's Prophet” by Art Bell, Sean is an award winning filmmaker, reporter/writer/producer/director and has appeared on countless TV and radio shows. Sean's visions, intensity of info and wonderful sense of humor make him the #1 most popular speaker everywhere he goes. Sean tirelessly continues his quest to bring the light of world media to the paranormal, the prophetic and to the Ascension of Mankind.