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The Truth Behind the Matrix 

Sunday, February 10       4pm - 5:30pm      Carmel Ballroom

Project Camelot has been investigating the vast conspiracy beneath the perception of the masses i.e. the reality beneath the Matrix for many years.  You will hear witness testimony and whistle blowers with clearances from way above top secret centering on Black Projects & the Secret Space Program. 

These secret projects are part of a clandestine network run by the Shadow Government, backed by the military industrial complex.The ROGUE CIVILIZATION is deciding your future without consulting you.  They have plans that involve the health and well-being of every human on the planet. In this stunning presentation, you will hear proof about the creation and maintenance of these secret programs.


Kerry Lynn Cassidy has a BA in English with graduate work in Sociology, and an MBA from UCLA. As a writer-director-producer, Kerry worked for major studios and independent production companies for 19 years in Hollywood. In 2006, Kerry co-founded Project Camelot with Bill Ryan and has been working as a documentary filmmaker and producer for the past 6 years. Project Camelot involves radio, live speaking events and online video conferences available free to audiences worldwide.