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Memorial Celebration

In Loving Memory of Mony

Saturday, February 9        6pm - 7:30pm      Carmel Ballroom 



Every human being has the notion that he or she may be able to live forever, live longer, experience optimal well-being, or become an ageless physical being. Is it only a dream?

Just because you are breathing, it is not an indicator that you are alive. Explore living as an alive being and not as a person that dies more every passing day. This is an introduction to the culture of death you live in. Explore how to rid one’s body and cells of its death wishes and death urges. This is unlike anything you have ever heard or experienced. Find out what can you do to choose life in spite of the culture of death beliefs and conditioning. This is taboo information. If you have accepted death as your outcome for living, this workshop is not for you. The information you learn may change your life forever.


Mony Vital, Ph.D. Author of Ageless Living; Freedom from the Culture of Death and is the director and creator of Vital Energetic Balancing technologies. He was a Breatharian for 18 years.