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Don't Believe Everything You Think


Friday, February 8        4pm - 5:30pm       Los Angeles Ballroom


Join this happiness expert, masquerading as a PhD social psychologist, in her heartfelt and humorous presentations, bound to uplift any spirit.  This workshop focuses on the healing power of eliminating negative emotion. The trick is not necessarily to rid ourselves of the circumstances that created it, but to rid our body and mind of the negative emotion, itself. In this presentation, you'll learn 3 ways to rid yourself of negative emotion.

                         Dr. Wendy has been described as "...a female Bodhisattva about to go Planetary."


Dr. Wendy Treynor is a professional speaker, creator of ICanHeal.TV, and author. Her books integrate science and spirituality and include Towards a General Theory of Social Psychology. Stayed tuned for her upcoming inspirational memoir and book series  called "I Can Heal."