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  Century A  Century B Century C
 Century D
4Camille Jarmusz   Matt Fortnow
 Chris Rials-Seitz
 Making Love Naturally
   World Peace Through Love 

Sacred Sound

Speaks for Itself!

5Douglas Sutton 
 Susan Larison Danz
 Marcus Dino James Capers
   The Frontier
Beyond Fear


Use the ‘Power of Spirit’ as you learn Life’s Lessons


Activation of Gifts & Bestowing Powers

6Ron Amitron Art Tarbi Yogi Shivraj Cindy Sellers
 Understanding the 2013  Human Transformation
 Vedic Ormus:
Food for Gods?
   You Don't Have To Hurt Anymore
7Helaine Harris Joyce Kenyon
 Darrell Nichols Kaitlyn Keyt
 Activity Prosperity NOW !
 Be Really Ready for Whatever   10 Fingers = 10 Life TALENTS
8Patty Alfonso
 Tower Gardens Chief Thunder
 Joan Hangarter
 Live Your Dream
Life Now!

 Going Beyond Organic Quantum Conscious
Holidium Labs

 Miracles Are Possible for You

 Century A
 Century B
 Century C
 Century D
10:00Alison J. Kay Lai Ubberud
 Rod Rotundi
 Dianne Bauer *
New Integrations

Past Life Readings

 Getting Started with
Raw Foods

 3 Steps To A Joyous Healthy Life
11:00Hugh Newman
 Elsie Belcheff
 Debbie Griggs
 Ivan Rados
 Earth Grids Key to Disease is Prevention Powerful Psychic Medium
 Heal Yourself with Sacred Geometry
12:00Patricia Bankins
 Zarathustra Terry Lee Brussel
 Nancy Newman
 Crystal Power
 Third Eye
 Discover Your
Life Mission

 Toe Reading

1:00Kaitlyn Keyt
 Joyce Kenyon
 Dr Luke Cua
 Bringing Heaven
 To Earth
High Road

 Acupressure, Herbs
and Water


2:00Dick Larson
 Ginger Ravencroft
 Emy Shanti & Xavier Tsu-Tsair Chi, PhD
 UFOs and their
Spiritual Mission

 The Powers of True Aromatherapy Maya
Spiritual Healing

 Fingernail and
Tongue Analysis
3:00Peter Goodgold
 Alfonso De Rose
 Carolyn Coleridge
 Susann Taylor Shier
 Living Crystal Water Manifesting Miracles
in Your Life

 Let Spirit Heal YOU!  Access Your
Soul's Majesty

4:00Ann Hoff
 Lali Kakar
 Rick Bergen
 AlixSandra Parness
 Pet Psychic
 Indian Vedic

 Energy Medicine's
Next Frontier


5:00Parag Pattani
  Colette Freiberg
 Keith Morey Lori Spagna
 Reiki - Physical Healing
and Beyond

  Ancient Age-Defying Skincare Secret  

Overcoming Chronic


6:00Holistic Technologies
 Digby Bertram
 Christopher Macklin
 Tammy Lynn Caldron
 Pulsating Electro Magnetic Therapy
 Say Yes to Life
 Ancient and Sacred
Divine Knowledge
 Tools to
Optimize Energy

7:00Mary Hunt *
 Dr Basia Durnas
 Alain Torres
 Christina Avaness
 You: Spark of the Divine
 Divine Light
 Message of Your Heart
 The Keys to Food Alchemy
8:00Sudi Burnett
 Ron James
 Nick Delgado
Robert Quicksilver
 Fitness, Nutrition, Intuitive Energy Work  Quantum Paranormal     Balance Hormones, Restore Vitality  and Lai Ubberud
Tarot For Fun
9:00Don Estes
 Mike Schopp
 Ranan Shahar Bradley Lockerman

Psiometric Science

Your Intuition

 The cause of all
Degenerative Diseases?
 Searl Technology New Energy Paradigm


  Century A   Century B   Century C   Century D
10 Frank Cousineau
 Laurel Mamet
 Vivek Kashyap Markus Rothkranz
 Alternative Cancer Therapy Advanced Energy

 Transitioning from Survival to Abundance True Freedom to Live Your Dreams
11Boni Oian
 Peter Goodgold
 Markus Thorndike
 Heather Green
 Claim Your Life
 Water Worship
to Water Wars
 Learn Your Personal Life Path World Changes & Relationships 2013
12 Rev. Keiko Hoshino Barbara Evans
 Roger Valentine
 Chantal Benedict
 Channelling Extraodinaire’

Master Ryuho Okawa

 The Art of
Raising Frequency

 Atlas Balancing  Quantum Skeletal

1Sri Madhuji
 Paramahansa Jagadish Unarius Foundation
 George Makris
 Vibrant Healing and
Inner Peace
 Ancestral Healing
 Nikola Tesla
 Liberate Your
Inner Power

2Luis Minero
 Joseph Martin Buddha Maitraya Happy Oasis
 Astral Travel and
Spiritual Development

 Evil Forces'
Agenda 2013

 Awaken the Soul Meditation Bliss Conscious Communication
3Jerome Feldman
 Ron Amitron
 Amaya Victoria
 Dr Randy Martin
 The Awakened

 Extraterrestrial’s True Interest in Us! Activation of the Grand Cross Homeopathic

4Celeste Yarnall
 Howard Martin
 Mike Bara
 Rishi & Pearl Kakar
 The Art of Wellness: for People and Pets  Activating the Hearts Intelligence
 Ancient Aliens
 on the Moon

 Growing Health, Homes & Community
5Shima Moore
 Julian Michael
 Douglas Taylor
 Priscilla Robinson *
Insights &
 Discover Your
Soul's Purpose

 The Science of

 The Invisible Killer
6Alpha Lo & Kevin May
  Alorah Inanna
 Healing With Water
  Being Sensuous Beauty