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E=MC2 and the New Definition of God

Sunday, February 21st       7:00 pm - 8:00 pm       Room: Century C


     Finally a definition of God for atheists, and a new one for believers, created by the ancients 4,000 years ago and, again, by none other than Albert Einstein in 1906.

     On a mission to "upgrade" the definition of God based on science, visionary Richard Greene launches his new Children/Family book with us during a provocative free talk that will change how you, your children and those you love think of and describe God forever.

Called "The best idea guy in America", Richard is an author, attorney, radio show host and motivational speaker who has worked with Presidents, Prime Ministers, business people and celebrities in 47 countries, His passion and his "dharma" is to re-define our world with his unique perspectives.