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Sunday Day Pass Required

Sunday, February 21st      2:00 pm - 3:30 pm     :Los Angeles B

Special Guest Ed Asner, Jordan Maxwell and Professor Griff

     Join celebrity activist Sean Stone and fearless investigative reporter Dean Ryan and their surprise celebrity guest. They personally brief you on who is really pulling the strings behind world events! Sean and Dean will give you a run down on what they have uncovered in their latest assignments and ground breaking investigations. The world will not look the same to you after this workshop. Have your questions ready and be prepared to look behind the matrix.

The Agenda

The Vaccine Wars
Edward Snowden Files

Clean Food Movement
The March to WW3
9/11 Symbology in Movies
The Creation of ISIL
Manipulation of News Shows

False Flag Shootings

and much more..................



Sean Stone began his career by acting in his father, Oliver Stone's Wall Street, The Doors, JFK, Natural Born Killers, and Savages, to name a few. He has since starred in and directed his first feature Greystone Park. Stone was assigned to the team of investigators for the TruTV hit Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura in 2012. Stone currently co-hosts and reports for ‘Watching the Hawks’ TV show on RT with Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace and ‘Buzzsaw’, his alternative media online news show.


Dean Ryan is a producer, writer, film maker and radio personality. He worked as a segment producer for Coast to Coast AM and Alex Jones Infowars and more recently Natural News. In 2014 he gave first hand ground breaking reports on the Dallas Ebola scare & the Sydney Hostage Siege for The Sunday Wire radio program. Having traveled the world at an early age and living in many different countries Ryan is a cultured explorer with an understanding of who is really controlling society. His current project is a new radio platform powered by Natural News. There he serves as an Executive Producer and host of "Human Conditions" radio show. Seeking truth through film, television and radio, Dean Ryan, continues to spread the message of Liberty by any means necessary.