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Sunday Day Pass Required

Jimmy Kimmel interviews

Clinton and Obama

Sunday, February 21st     2:00 pm - 3:30 pm     Room: Marina


Over the past few years, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has interviewed Presidents Clinton and Obama, questioning them on the subjects of UFOs and Area 51 and whether they had made inquiries into those files. 

Ben Hansen has completed extensive analyses of both interviews, applying the research of body language experts which resulted in some very controversial conclusions.

Hansen will discuss his findings and explore what it might mean in the overall picture of what our nation's leaders may or may not know about UFOs.

Ben will also appear on the UFO Panel


Ben Hansen is most well-known as the lead investigator and host of the Syfy hit TV show "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" and as a host and consulting producer for the History Canada's series "UFOs Declassified".  He regularly provides UFO video analysis and commentary for the Huffington Post and speaks internationally at UFO and paranormal conventions on the subjects of UFOs, paranormal investigating, and the interplay of media technology with our perceived reality.  Are video cameras and specialized equipment helping us evidence the UFO phenomenon and what role will technology ultimately play in shaping society's beliefs on the subject?  Having formerly worked in federal law enforcement, Hansen brings a unique perspective to UFO and paranormal research.  Through extensive training and after conducting thousands of forensic interviews, he specializes in applying techniques to help determine the veracity and stress indicators of those claiming involvement in the UFO subject.