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author of The Celestine Prophecy


The Twelfth Insight

Entering the Miracle Universe

Sunday, February 201h     10:00 am - 11:30 am     Room: La Jolla Ballroom 

“What if I told you that humanity has finally downloaded the correct ‘spiritual keys’ to live a full spiritual consciousness in this Universe  -- including all the abilities that come with it: peace in all situations, a guiding intuition, and a constant flow of Synchronicity the solves our problems, transcends our distractions, reveals our missions, and brings us all the right relationships.   Life isn’t supposed to be this difficult!  I’ve called this new karmic understanding the Twelfth Insight, and since 2012 we can see ever more signs of this Insight operating in the world.” - James Redfield

In spite of the continued conflict and disharmony around us, more people everyday are discovering spiritual keys every day, and making them real in their daily life. 

In this workshop, James will discuss with you:

1) A breakthrough understanding that will allow you to open up more        Synchronicity in your life, and the method to discover the inner meaning of these mysterious  coincidences.

2) An easy way to identify and trust your intuitive thoughts that are there to guide you, and how to separate them from worry or ego thoughts.


 3) The key method of achieving good Karma by "Intuitive Giving."  Want to be luckier and feel guided past trouble. This is the way.

 4) An effective technique to amplify your prayer/intention power, and how to use this method to identify your true calling, or truth to tell -- no matter what your age or life situation

What James will be discussing is being discovered all over the world in our time.  They are simple attitude shifts, but to adopt them takes making a decision. Immerse yourself in these insights and expect a path of destiny to open up… one that is waiting for you.  

James Redfield is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Celestine Prophecy series, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.  These books have created a special model for spiritual perception and actualization, and resonate with millions of people all over the world. James lectures on all facets of his books, and on such diverse topics as The Mayan Calendar, Ancient Prophecy and Opening to a Deeper Spiritual Consciousness.  James lives with his wife, Salle, and dog, Toby, in Alabama.