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Conscious Creativity: The Gateway to Bliss

Saturday, February 20th       4:00 pm to 5:30 pm       Room: La Jolla Ballroom

     In this workshop, Nick will introduce Breakthrough Biodynamics and some of the key ways it brings science and spirituality into alignment. It is both a theory of how human beings can thrive and a practical toolkit to ensure we will.  He will share specific studies and spiritual philosophies that match around emotions, cognition and creative action. He will share the J-shaped Breakthrough Curve, and how it works in individuals, as well as in enterprise, narrative theory, learning curves, political theory and even a multiverse interpretation of quantum mechanics.

     Nick will engage participants in a conversation to surface any deflections in the field between them and Source that distort truth and block up creative flow. Finally, Nick will introduce participants to a very practical yet massively profound tool for having creative breakthroughs in any area of stuckness. He will lead the group through an embodied meditation to use the tool to tap into pure Source creativity and unleash it in to break through major personal, business or social problems that are calling for attention in that moment.


Nick Seneca Jankel, a Cambridge-educated scientist turned wisdom teacher is the author of the best selling books Switch On: Unleash Your Creativity and Thrive with the New Science & Spirit of Breakthrough, sought after keynote speaker, wisdom teacher, TV host (BBC, MTV) and the creator of Breakthrough Biodynamics.uality and practical tools for change.. Nick is CEO of innovation and leadership consultancy WECREATE; and startup wisdom company