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Saturday Day Pass Required


Hosted by George Noory

Saturday, February 20th       2:00 pm - 4:00 pm       Room: Plaza Ballroom

.......What will be the fate and destiny of humanity?

Will there still be a human presence on Earth? Or would we have destroyed the small bandwith that makes human life possible. Or, maybe, we will have evolved into more conscious beings, living in harmony.with ourselves, each other and the planet.

Will we have free energy, sustainable food, easy interplanetary travel or even time travel? Or will we have been the cause of our own destruction?

What must we do to create the best possible future for all living beings to exist in harmony and grow and evolve?

Join George Noory and his panel of prominent experts in the fields of Science, Spirituality, Technology and Consciousness.

Bring your questions for the panelists. Letís envision a future embedded with wholeness and  possibility. The time for transformation is at hand.