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Saturday Day Pass Required

The Truth Behind Vaccines,

Big Pharma and Your Foods


Saturday, February 20th       2:00 pm - 4:00 pm       Room: Bel Air


Followed by a Q&A session

Moderated by Wendy Silvers,

Founder of Million Mamas Movement

 with Guest Dr. Toni Bark MD


TRT 90 Mins

“Bought” takes a deep dive into the business of Big Pharma, the controversies with vaccines and the truth about GMOs in America’s food supply and focuses on educating the public and arming people globally with the facts. The filmmakers believe that each person has a right to the truth and be empowered by facts in order to make educated decisions about their own health, food and medicine.


DR. TONI BARK is a Pediatrician physician with degrees in nutrition and homeopathy and speaks widely on vaccine safety, efficacy and ethics issues.  She recently published an article about the lack of scientific evidence for mandated flu vaccines for health care workers.  Dr. Bark was in a featured story in O magazine in 2012 and is co-producer of the documentary, “Bought”.

WENDY SILVERS is  founder/CEO of the Million Mamas Movement.. Wendy traveled 5 times to the SB277 hearings at Sacramento in 2015, met with legislators and speaks widely  on education and advocacy for safe vaccines. Her father contracted Bell’s Palsy after receiving the flu shot. She co-organized and emceed the SB277 Health Freedom Rally in Santa Monica in 2015..