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457  2 Guys in the Know LLC  Multi-Perspective Psychic Medium Readings
T 7 A Sacred Soul Shamanic Medium & Multi-Dimensional Psychic
P26  Adventurous Peru  Spirited Adventures for Your Soul
T9 Alexander Bernhardt Publishing - USA In the Light of Truth - The Grail Message
701  Alexandra  Golden Arrow Trance Channeling
702  Aleya Dao  Sound Healer, Energy Practitioner
703  Aloha Elixirs  A Hawaiian Brand of Apothecary Products
450  Amethyst Biomat  Infrared Ray Medical Healing Technology
M11  Angelic Healing Crystals  Crystals, Stones and Salt Lamps
97  Antoine the Light Portal  See Spirit Guides in Antoine's Face
T 8 Astrology with Jamie Astrology Readings; Therapeutic Life Insights
403  Atlas Evolution  One Time Treatment - Lasting Stability
250  Aura Imaging  Aura Photography
501  Avalon Trading  Sacred Tools for your Soul
89  Bazaar Boutique  Innovative Clothing, Jewelry and Candles
354 Bell Brick and Candle Handcrafted Metaphysical and Magical Products
307  Beloved Essences  Healings and Initiations from Egypt
P23  Beyond 02  Free Alkaline Water - Bring your containers!
707  Bhavana  Crystals, Jewelry and More
517  Blake Bauer  Bestselling Author; QiGong Master Blake Bauer
518 Bodhi Tree Ceremonial and Artisanal Goods; Books, Media
M17 Tools for Healing
P29  Brahma Kumaris  World Spiritual Organization
833  Brett Jones - Awaken  Read the Awaken Book
804  Brightrising, Inc  Steel Drum Jewelry, Singing Bowls
402 Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Healing Tools
 Healing Tools, Sacred Geometry, Soul Therapy Music
84  Cancer Control Society  Alternative Therapies and Nutrition for Cancer
82  Cardology  Ancient Science of Playing Cards
83 Carolyn Coleridge Readings, Teachings and Book Signing
802  CBD / Hemp  Medicinals for Health and Healing
451  CGVC Feng Shui World  Tarot, Bazi & Numerology Readings
454  Chakra Universe  Crystals, Healing, Intuition, Jewelry
M19  Chakra Universe  Crystals, Healing, Intuition, Jewelry
T 4  Charmed Crystals and Herbs  Crystals and Herbs for Personal Protection
252  Chi's Enterprise  Herbal Supplements, Fingernail and Tongue Analysis
86  Conscious Living with the Angels  Art from the Light
M09  Consciouseed  Custom Jewelry
205  Cosmic Flow  Transformational Awakening
202  Creation Lightship  Light Infusion healing Chamber
821  Crystal Force Field  Crystal Pendants: 333 Crystals for Protection
352 Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls
257  Dari Rulai  Esoteric Buddhist Meditation & Healing
P17  Dean Price  Products, Healing, Events
803  Debbie Griggs  Photo Psychic, Healer, Medium
90  Delgado Protocol  Medical Lifestyle Expert
T 5 Design of Mine The Flutter Shawl
801  Dianne's Joy Center  Prophetic Messages of Powerful Prayer
M24  Douglas Taylor  Crystal Visions Creations
81  Dr. Christian Von Lahr  Clairvoyant Medium; Medical Intuitive
406  Dr. Doug Lehrer  Cellular Resonance
P14 Dulce Lavanda Classes, Healings, Readings
103  Echelon Active  Health, Wellness and Fitness
353  Enagi  Goods Vibes Wherever You Go
400  Eric Pearl  Heal Others; Heal Yourself
452  European Psychic Lai  Medium/Psychic, Past Lives, Pet Communication
T 3  Eve SpiritSpeaks, MD  Psychiatrist, Psychic Energy Reader
M902 Extra-Ocular Vision The Miracle of Blindfolded Sight
F1  Food Alchemy Papua Coffee  Best Coffee in the World
P 5  Food Not Bombs  A Global Movement to Transform the World
458  Freedom Through Wisdom  Inner Journeys and Precious Wisdom
835  Future Science  Keys of Enoch and New Realities TV
M10  Gail Thackray  Spiritual Journeys
153  Gender Free Art  Timeless Artworks of Enlightenment
302  Goldenwave/Technician of the Sacred  Alchemy Products/Lasercut Artwork
P 2 Good Karma Girl Bohemian Spiritual Jewelry and Accessories
T21  Gorgeous Goddesswear  Unique Clothing
P13  Gypsy Jenny  Beautiful Custom Clothing
P 4  Hair Intelligence  Natural Hair Care
357  Hans King  Hans Christian King
155  Happy Science  Spiritual Teachings
M901 Heal Your Life Louise Hay Workshop Leader Training
T16  Healing Hands  Quality Massage and Bodywork
107  Health n Beauty Connection  Whole Body Vibration
156  Hearts Center Community  Keys for Greater Spiritual Mastery
154  Helaine Harris Awakening Center  Life Coach
516  High Chi Energy Jewelry  Jewelry that Uplifts and Protects
845 Hippie Dippies Crystal Candles Handcrafted Crystal Chakra Healing Candles
351  HOLOS® - One Humanity  The Symbol for One Humanity
P 3  Honey Colony  Healing Products
815  House of Alaia  Inspired Jewelry for your Soul
88  IAC - Academy of Consciousness  Out-of-Body Experiences and Evolution
F2  Ihsan's Falafel  Fermented Specialties
Food 3  Ihsan's Falafel  Hot Falafel, Unique Slaws & Pickles
P27  Imlak'esh Organics  Organic Superfoods and Nourishing Meals
734  Indian Vedic Oracle  Palm Reader/Numerology/Psychic/Past Life
83 Intuitive Soulutions Psychic Intuitive Soul Readings/Healings
834  Iridology Examination  Discover your Health Through Your Eyes
P24 Isabel's Naturals Free Hot Cacao Tonic Tasting
705  Itty Bitty Publishing  Become a Published Author
T13  J.P. Trading  Portable Massage Units
254  Jamye Price  Evolution and the Language of Light
152 Jennifer Montero 5D Transformation Coach; Master Energy Practitioner
M905 John of God Crystal Bed Reiki Energy Healing
T14  Jyorei Spiritual Healing  Purifying Energy for the Spirit
459  Kala Imports  Singing Bowls, Jewelry, Crystal
253  Keiko Anaguchi  Channeling the Japanese Goddess Amaterasu
T10  Kelly Hampton  Spirit Healing, Mediumship Readings
M15  Kimberly Meredith  Medical Intuitive who Channels Holy Spirit
M14 KritterKlips Handmade Clip-on Animal Ears
805  Kurtis Lee  Orgone Crystal Pyramids and Jewelry
P30  LA Eco Village  Sustainable Community Living
350  Lakanto  Monk Fruit Sweetner
91 LA Sculp Combat your Body's Imperfections
255 Laughing Goddess Earth Friendly, Everyday Wear
704  Legacy Series  View the Future
80  Light Alkemi  Alchemy Lamps for Well Being
94  Liquid Bio-Cell   Breakthrough in Anti-aging
106  Litios Light Crystals  Discover the Gate of Ascension within You
825  Love You Revolution  Empowering Messages on Clothes
453  Macklin Ministries  Divine Intuitive Healing
251 Magic Massage Massage
P16 Maha Siddha Essences and Healing Light attracts Light; CRT and Energetic Healing
207  Mas Sajady  Exponential Intelligence Activation
505  Master Sha  Holistic, Spiritual, Soul Healing
150  Medicinal Foods  Superfood Chocolate, Mushrooms, Herbs and Greens
T 6  Meditation and Psychic Center  Meditation and Psychic Readings
87  Meg Benedicte  Ascension Teacher/Activator
96  Millennium Products  EMF Protection
200  Monroe Products & Lyra  Jewelry, energetic, consultations & hemi-sync
T11  Moringa Light  Moringa Healthy and Anti-Aging Products
509 Mystic Earth Gems Jewelry and Minerals
840 Mystic Journey Bookstore Books and Author Signings
733 New Beings Zodiac Jewelry
824  Nia Momin  Teacher of Mystery and Occult Arts
T 1  Numerology by Sanjay Shiv Khanna  The Numerical Analysis of YOU
735  O'Cacao  Raw Dark Chocolate Delicacies
M26 OM Botanicals Organic Skincare Products
511  Orgonix Orgonite  Fine Orgonite Art and Jewelry
203  P.H. Secrets  CBD Products
355  Parag's Reiki Hut  Reiki Crystals and Such
85  Profound Mystical Meditation  Meditation Relaxation Stone Past Lives
151  Psychic Readings by Angelina  Tarot Cards, Chakra Healing, Energy Readings
814  Pure Source Crystals  Healing Gems and Crystals
256  Quantum Balance Crystals  Energy Balancing Crystals
304  Ravenscroft Escentials  Essential Oils
506  Raw Revelations  Superfoods and Herbs
M904 Reborn Wood Creations Products made with Recycled Wood
407  Relax Saunas  Far Infrared Saunas
M14  Rosezella's Way  Animal Communication
102 Sacred Altar Sacred and Beautiful Things for your Altar
T15  Sacred Friends  Sacred Geometry Pendants, Miron Violet Glassware
Food 2  Samosa House  Indian Vegetarian & Vegan Food
P31  Sea Shepherd  Marine Wildlife Conservation
303  Sebastian  Psychic Readings
P33  Seed Library of LA  Seed Collecting and Education for Growers
700  Seicho-No--Ie  Truth of Life
104  Share International  The World Teacher is Here!
M18 Shiva Imports Crystal Jewelry and Singing Bowls
405  Signet IL Y' Viavia: Daniel  The Akshaya Patra Series
M13  Silk Art Creations  Hand-Painted Silk Art
P25 Simply Young Organic Plant-Food Supplements
305  Sirius Ascended Masters  Ascended Masters Wisdom
P32  Sky Watch  Chemtrails and Geoengineering Awareness
P7 Solar Advocates Save with Solar
Food 1  SolTribe  Vegan Vegetarian Comfort Food
502  Songbird Ocarinas  America's Finest Ocarinas
T19  Sonja Grace  Author, Mystic Healer
356  Spice Pharm, Inc  Golden Goddess Elixirs
105  Spiritual Awareness Center  Psychic, Tarot, Crystal, Chakra Readings
455  Star Magic  Powerful ExtraTerrestrial Light Frequency
508  Starfire Water  Structured Alkaline Performance Water
456  Steve Allen Media  PR with a Conscience
204  Stoned Parrot  Feather Smudging Prayer Fans
206  Success Center  Hypnotherapy Coaching & Training
98  Sun for your Soul  Spiritual Healing and Personal Transformation
255  Super Good Stuff  Transform Your Thoughts
M12  Tanya Mikaela  Artist; Collage, Stationery, Custom Art
95  Team Light  A Higher Frequency of Existence
93  The Angels of Atlantis  The Twelve Angels of Atlantis
732  The Light Party  Health, Peace and Freedom for All
92 Therapy Cryo Salon Tecar Pain Relief Therapy
P 7  Tower Gardens  Aeroponic Tower Gardens
706  Tracee Dunblazier  Spiritual Empath
514  Tracey Ash  Egypt and World-wide Tours; Schools, Sessions
831  True Charisma  Learn to Communicate More Effectively
M17 Turning Into Light Turning into Light through Music
157  Unarius Educational Foundation  Books, DVDs, Classes- Spiritual Healing
300  Up Your Frequency  Energy Jewelry
P28  Vaxxed  The Film
100  Vibes Up  Healing Tools
504  Vibrant Health  Whole Body Vibration
T 2 Volcanic Origins Volcanic Clay Mud Pack
102 Waking Universe Psychic Readings, Crystals, Video Production
404 Wellsong Energetics, LLC
 Understanding the Pineal Gland
P 1  Wild Empire  Mystic Crystal Rings and Jewelry
M903 Woman's Hands Handcrafted Art for the Soul
M25  Yogees  Yogawear and Aromatherapy Jewelry
811  Zada  Handcrafted Jewelry




Tee Celise

Exhibit Hall Manager