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Friday, February 10, 2017  -  Lecture Schedule

 Century A

Century B

Century C

Century D
3-4 Jesper Bendsen and Helena Kalsmose
 Dr. David Kearney
  Pavla Stuchlikova
 Shima Moore

 ENAGI - Good Vibes Wherever You Go The CHAAA Workshop
   Transform YOUR Life - Everyday Tools
 Ancient Astrology Meets This Stargate Experience
  Karen Croney  Buddha Maitreya
The Christ 
  Lai Ubberud
  Roberto Gaetan

Hair Intelligence: Your Hair is Speaking to You
  Buddha Maitreya Awaken the Soul Meditation
  Direct Past Life

  Energy and Life 101

  Brian Berman
  Serena Wright Taylor

 Recharge, Reenergize, Recuperate
    Discovering Your Path
 HOLOS for Love,
Peace and Unity

  Organic UFOs Multi-Dimensional Beings
 Terry Lee Brussel

 Lorraine Flaherty and

Alexandra Wenman


Kurtis Lee Thomas

  Dr. Madalyn Kennedy
 Meet Your Parallel Selves


Through Wisdom

  Spiritual Super -
Tools 101
  Channeled Messages From RA-Isis and Beings of Light
Ron Amitron
 Rion DeRouen
  Kaitlyn Keyt
  Bob Hartman

 Understanding the Alien Presence on Earth
 Bridging the Metaphysical and Physical Worlds
  Earth's Heartbeat Effecting Life Expectancy
 Visual Powers of Genderfree Arts
 Hans Christian King
 Mas Sajady
 Stewart Pearce
 Daniel H. Schmidt

 Messages From Spirit: Spirituality and Politics
 Exponential Intelligence: Know / Heal Yourself
  The Angels of Grace
 Miracle of Light and Superconsciousness


Saturday, February 11, 2017 -  Lecture Schedule

Century A Century B Century C Century D


Dr. Har Hari Khalsa
 Becky Chambers
  Richard Yiap
  Brett Jones

 World's Most Advance Bio-Energetic Medicine

Whole Body Vibration: Revolutionary Technology
and the Pineal Gland

  Enlightenment -
of Ancient Masters

10-11Dr. Antoine Chevalier
 Clarice GV Chan

Dr. Angela Barnett
 Keoki Tavares

 The Quantum Transfigurational

Psychic Medium


Feng Shui & Horoscopes of Yin Fire Rooster



Turning Into Light


Creating Intention

Kitty Wells
 Jerry Sargeant
Sonia Tompkins
  Keiko Anaguchi
 Longevity Secrets of Spices

Heal the You-Niverse?

  Industrialized Hemp Cannabidiol

Return to Divine Oneness

Deborah Stuart
 Christopher Macklin
 Joseph Montgomery
 Dr. Grazyna Pajunen
  3 Step to Magically
Create Success 
 What's Going On
 In the World

How Nutrition Affects
Your Consciousness


 Why Drinking Water

Is Not Enough



  Pavla Stuchlikova
 Gary Douglas
 Ginger Ravencroft

 Spirit Guides

and Power Animals
 Divine Healing Dance Ground, Center and Protect Your Energy   


Dari Rulai Temple
 David Christopher Lewis
 Helaine Harris
 Dr. Madalyn Kennedy
  Experience Inner Light Healing & Meditation
  Working Alchemy With Saint Germain Now
Money Miracles


Egypt's Holy Mans

Sacred Work

and Spiritual Journeys



Parag Pattani
 Jamye Price
 Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi
 Tammy Lynn Calderon 
Beyond Physical Healing

 Healing With Light Language
Fingernail and Tongue Analysis

 Awaken, Balance and Optimize Your Chakras


Kimberly Meredith
 Christian von Lähr
 Phillip Wilson
 Ted Mahr
 Medical Intuitive Who Channels the Holy Spirit

 Soulmate Mystery Unlocked - Find Yours! 

Far-Infrared Saunas
Are a MUST
 Messages From the


Tatyana Mickushina
 Hans Christian King
 Dick Larson
 Robin Sol Lieberman
 The Ascended Masters
 in America

Messages From Spirit: Daily Spirituality

 UFO's and

Their Spiritual Mission

 The Charisma of Celebrities, Saints and You  


 Sky Kubby
 Rion DeRouen
  Nick Delgado
  Lorraine Flaherty,
Olga Levanceku and
Alexandra Wenman
 Invincible Immunity and
Everlasting Energy

  Bridging the Metaphyical and Physical Worlds Look and Feel Immortal
 Refine, Align, Shine  


 Debbie Griggs
 Drs. J.J. & Desiree Hurtak & Alan Steinfeld
 Emmanuel Obiorah
  Finding Your Spiritual Truth
  Keys to Spiritual Growth
  Extraterrestrial Realities and the Codes to Ascension

 What Causes Inner Suffering?
Christina Avaness 
  Kelly Hampton
 Eric Earll and Bert Allen
  Sarah Jeane
.......... Nourishing Body, Mind and Spirit!

Healing With Star Healing Intergalactic Energy

 Manifesting Your Highest Life's Purpose

Conscious Living

With the Angels

Sunday, February 12, 2017  -  Lecture Schedule

 Century A

Century B

Century C

Century D


 Diane Joy Bauer
  Buddha Maitreya
The Christ  

  Tucker Garrison
 Keith McHenry 
  Your Joyous Life Manifesting Now!
  Buddha Maitreya Awaken
 the Soul Meditation

  Superfoods and Regenerative Business

Transform the World With Food Not Bombs


Richard Yiap
 Rev. Bruce Mallery
 Meg Benedicte
 Tracee Dunblazier


and the Pineal Gland

Sundial Way of Life
  Exit the Matrix
Ascension Activations

 Spirits Know About You! You Should Know About Them!


 Aleya Dao
 Kaitlyn Keyt
  Frank Cousineau
  Gina Jones

7 Cups of Consciousness: Flip Your Challenges
  Mini 'Vibe Testing' PLAYSHOP with GIFTS
  Alternative Cancer Therapy
  Cardology: Unlocking Law of Attraction


May McCarthy
 Sue Whittaker
and Edna Tunney
  Sonja Grace
  Dr. Stephan Ward and Brandy Faith Weld

 Partnering with Your Chief Spiritual Officer For Success and Freedom!
  Vibrational Alchemy
 Spirit Traveler: Secrets of the Ancients
 Heal Your Relationships to Heal Your Back Pain


Doug Lehrer
 David Reynolds and Kevin Kennedy
  Kelly Sullivan-Walden

Tracey Ash

  Cellular Resonance-Soul to Cell Healing®
  Tesla and Free Energy
 Dream Goddess
 Join the Earth-Healing Revolution


 Roger Ringo
 Jesper Bendsen and Helena Kalsmose
Douglas Sutton

 Jacqui Holland
and John Schultz

 Color and Human Aura: Useful Insights
  ENAGI - Good Vibes Wherever You Go
  Experience Inner Light Healing & Meditation
  Go With the Cosmic Flow  


 Ron Amitron
  Suzy Prudden
 Master Henderson and Master Shunya
 Ines Beyer

  Alien Technology: Abductions-Implants-Cloning-Timelines

 Write Your Book Now!
  Tao Movements For Health and Happiness
  Death is Not the End


 Lali Kakar
 Peter Andraes and Adrian Rasmussen
 Yushi Hagimoto Douglas Taylor
 Love, Life, Laughter With Vedic Divination
 Ye Ming Zhu:
The Art of Activation
  Spiritual Miracle of Meditation

 UFO's and Inspiration
The Evolution of a Spiritual Awakening



David Hamilton Nichols
  Alexandra Lai Ubberud
 Lorien Fenton
 Inform, Energize, Transform, Realize - YOU!


 Unlocking Your Potential

  Direct Past Life


 Extraordinary Contact: Redefining

 the Experiencer



 Nia Momin
 Parthenia Grant, PhD Leela Hutchison
 Sudi Burnett 
  The Divine Alchemy, The Sacred Feminine and Philosopher's Stone
  Quantum Anti-Aging Secrets
 Giant Crystal Caves
of Mexico
 CBD Medicinal Healing and Weight Loss  


Eliza Beth
 Ranan Shahar Paul and Lillie Weisbart
   Annie Pierce
...... ..........
  Tesla and Metatron for Pain Relief and Freedom Intro to Scalarwave Lasers & the Quantumfied
  Shumei Chanting and
Chakra Stimulation