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Friday, February 9, 2018 -  Lecture Schedule

Century A Century B Century C Century D
Batahari Somati Serena Wright Taylor  
 Shima Moore 
 Ayurveda and the Three Doshas
 Secrets of Colours to Enhance Your Day! 
 5D StarPortal
Stargate Meditation
Douglas Sutton
 Jackie Lapin Lali Kakar Kurtis Thomas 
 Experience Inner Light
Healing and Meditation
   Love, Life, Light and Laughter The Truth About the Ego 


Bathsheba Sarapiphinop
 Rion De'Rouen and
Alexander Mazzone
  Isabella Stoloff
 Robert Kappel

  Bones of Our Ancestors
 Creating the 5D Human
 Healing Past Wounds~
Manifest an Abundant Life

 Lemurian Fellowship 


Ronnie McMullen
  Lorraine Flaherty and Alexandra Wenman
  Lai Ubberud
 Tamra Oviatt 

The Greatest Healthcare Lie Ever Told Awake Ones: Freedom
Through Wisdom
   Direct Past Life Readings
 Sacred Activations - Change Hundreds of Beliefs Today!     


 Ron Amitron
 Christina Avaness  Tammy Adams
 Kaitlyn Keyt  

Understanding the Alien Presence on Earth   What's Your Life's Purpose?
 Earth's Heartbeat 
Brandy Faith Weld
   Mas Sajady   Rizwan Virk Tracey Ash
..........Change Your Energy and Transform Your Life

Can This Man Change Your Life?
 Synchronicity, Success and Your Treasure Hunt
 Earth Healing Reality R6volution


Saturday, February 10, 2018 -  Lecture Schedule

Century A Century B Century C Century D


 Buddha Maitreya
The Christ 
 Chip Paul
 Vickie Gay Barry Helm

Buddha Maitreya Awaken the Soul Meditation GnuPharma - Nutritional
Targeting for Better Health!
 Psychic Medium Reading and Spiritual Blessing A Channeled
Healing Meditation
10-11Sonia Tompkins Paul Harris

Kaitlyn Keyt
  Life is Grand
 CBD - Transforming the Way You Do HEALTH Discover the Revolutionary Theraphi System Mini 'VIBE Testing'
 Life Hacks 
 Glenda Storm
Clarice CV Chan Brian Berman  
 Energetic Flow at Home
 Are You Psychic? Feng Shui & Horoscopes of Yin Fire Rooster HOLOS
Unity for Peace
Deborah Stuart
 Dr. Theresa Bullard Christopher Macklin
  Joseph Montgomery

3 Steps to Magically Create Success Life Activation: Supercharge Your Light What's Going on
in the World
 How Nutrition Affects
Your Consciousness


Jerry Sargeant Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi 
 Bea Shore Sonja Grace 

Step Fully Into Ascension Power
 Early Markers of Breast/Prostate Cancer Telepathy and Teleportation
The Fifth Dimension and Alien Influence 


Dr. Gary Douglas David Christopher Lewis Helaine Harris Nick Delgado 

Ground, Center  and Protect Your Energy
 St. Germain's Alchemical Activation of Lightworkers
 Survive and Soar: Become
a Financial Phoenix!
 Look and Feel Immortal 


Parag Pattani
 Dick Larson  Tammy Lynn Calderon Sarah Jeane  

Beyond Physical Healing
 Eight Great Spiritual
Facts of Life

 Awaken, Balance and Optimize Your Chakras Conscious Living with the Angels 


Ginger Ravencroft
 Christian von Lähr  Kimberly Meredith
 Rion De Rouen and
Alexander Mazzone

Aromatherapy for Life Soulmate Mystery Unlocked - Find Yours!
Medical Intuitive Who Channels the Holy Spirit   


JJ Flizanes
 Alex Young Sifu Matthew
 Phil Wilson

Mind - Body - Soul
Approach to Transformation
 Crystal Tones
Singing Bowls
 Forces That Heal For Real
 Far Infrared Energy and Spiritual Purification


 Terry Lee Brussel
  Empowered Whole Being Press
 Lisa K
 Alan Howarth

Change your Reality Everyone Has a Book Within - Publish Yours Now 10 Key Secrets to Intuition


 Dr. Q Moayad  Tatyana Mickushina Omra Kubby 
 Tanya Mikaela

 Indian Palm Leaf Readings Ascended Masters' Teaching About Karma 

Vibrational Sound Portal: DNA Upgrade

 A Valentine Gift For My Soul
Lai Ubberud Eric Earll and Bert Allen
 Carolyn Coleridge  
 Diane Rose Kelly 
..........Direct Past Life Readings

  Manifesting Your
Highest Life's Purpose
 How to Work With the Universe
 The Rise of Conscious Music and Lyrics


Sunday, February 11, 2018 -  Lecture Schedule

Century A Century B Century C Century D


 Dianne Joy Bauer
  Buddha Maitreya
The Christ
 Tamra Oviatt  

Manifesting Joy and Gratitude in These Tumultuous Times Morning Meditation Sunburst Spiritual Retreat Sacred Activations - Change Hundreds of Beliefs Today!
10-11Sonia Tompkins Sky Kubby
Kasey and Brad Wallis
 Rev. Bruce Mallery 
 CBD - Transforming the Way You Do HEALTH Invincible Immunity
and Everlasting Energy
 Cutting Edge Healing Program R-Factoring Sundial Way of Life 
Kaitlyn Keyt
  David Christopher Lewis
Yushi Hagimoto Diana Maxwell
 A Dynamic Blue-Light Aura
Chakra Clearance

 Spiritual Awakening Is Bitcoin an Intergalactic Currency?
 Daniel Bushnell  Frank Cousineau Luis Minero Douglas Taylor 

Heal Your Microbiome - Resurrect Your Life!
 Choosing an Alternative Cancer Therapy International Association
of Consciousness

History of the Universe - How Did We Get to Where We are Today? 


  JJ & Desiree Hurtak
w/ Alan Steinfeld 
  Ryan Hader
 Teresa Yanaros 

Over Anxiety by Entering Into the 5th Dimension
 Extraterrestrial Realities & the Codes to Ascension How to Stop Negativity & Stress From Affecting You
 Do You Believe in Magic? 


Sarada Chiruvolu Mark and Shannon Grainger Emy Shanti  Joseph Montgomery

Home At Last
 Speak Your Path to Cash
   Eat to Save Your Life


 Ron Amitron
 Alexa Person
 David Hamilton Nichols
  Stewart Pearce

Alien Technology: Abductions, Implants, Cloning and Timelines
 Star Beings and Ascension
 F*** the Fear,
Seize the Power

 Miracles and Angelic
Soul Charge



Nnaemeka Chima
  Praveen Mohan Ted Mahr 
 Susan Shumsky 

Does God Takes Sides?  A Spiritual Path to Lasting Happiness   Creating the New Earth 50th Anniversary of the
Beatles in India


Lori Spagna Hanson Tse
 Jane de Forest
 Paul and Lily Weisbart

Vibrational Energy Healing, Communication & Telepathy in 5D For Humans and Animals
 Body of Wisdom
 Stories of Hope and
 Eternal Love
 An Intro to Scalarwave Lasers 


 Da Vid    Leslie Anne Shima Moore

    A Guided Journey to Another Life - Past Life Regression Exercise Ancient Wisdom
- Modern Pathways -
Child Empowerment