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2018 Conference


Sunday Day Pass Required

Alternative Power Systems

Sustainability Generating & Storing Energy

Sunday, February 11     1:00 pm - 2:45 pm

  Room: Permaculture Plaza

Let's really take a look at power systems of the past and apply it to the conversation about powering the needs of the Future! 
  • Great Pyramids   
  • Aqua-Duct Water-Lifts
  • Grist Wheels
  • Electromagnetic Transportation
  • Solar / Photovoltaic
  • Perpetual Motion Machines
  • Bio-Chemical to Tesla based Technologies
  • Micro Hydro
  • Aerofoil-Powered Wind Turbine
  • EMF Radiation Pollution Capture and Restructure
  • Micro Turbine
  • Toroidal Based Technologies
  • Harmonic Resonance Energy Capture
  • Methane Capture
  • Permanent Magnets
  • Cold Fusion
  • Inter-Dimentional Frequencies

Inventors, engineers and designers are welcome
to bring ideas, inventions and questions

Ray Cirino is an inventor/permaculturist / artist


Ray fulfills his dream of making the world ecologically  sustainable while enjoying each moment doing so. In 2012 he was awarded with the City of Los Angeles Certificate of Commendation for his creative contributions and community organizations.


His insatiable appetite to build things has prompted him to develop multiple skills. Especially interested in the patterns of nature and architecture, he learned before completing an architectural degree at Miami-Dade Architecture school.


He began a custom furniture business in Sunnyvale California and went on to earn his diploma from the North American School of Natural building in 2002. After twenty years of fine woodworking, he moved to Los Angeles to work as an industrial designer, welder and artist, opening a new world of discovery as an artist inventor. Ray founded two Water Woman festivals based on permaculture techniques and sustainable art.


In 2002, he began studies in permaculture and continues as a top innovator in this movement focused on sustainable energy, agriculture, water, and shelter systems.

Mark Kevin Charlton-Davis  Designer of commercial and
residential photovoltaic solar systems for local Bay Area companies

Currently designs and engineers photovoltaic solar systems for on-grid/off-grid commercial and residential properties throughout California.

Claim to Fame:
R&D ‘LivePT Utility Pod’ with street lights, security camera/video equipment, adding solar array modules and wind power turbines for a successful Department of Homeland Security project.

R&D multi phased robotic systems for coal mining companies per ‘Fekheimer’ calculations used to design, build and manufacture equipment measuring velocity, density & kinetic energy of pulverized coal through ductile encapsulation using Auto-Cad, milling machines and lathes. NEMA compliant.
  • Designed 1-stage turbine designs per ISO9000.
  • Designed and drafted laser-refractory “eyeballs’ for M1 gunsights on helicopters for Department of Defense.
  • Designed helical, involute, splined and planetary geared systems.

In Addition:
As a pilot, Mark delivered the world’s first Automotive Corvette LT1 to Seaplane RC3 Republic SeaBee conversion engineering and R&D platform, as registered by the FAA

As a hobby, Mark has many licensed compositions and songs in movies and commercials in over 239 countries:

Mark is also author of a 700 page book about his family traditions, and his experience living and training with shamans and healers in the Caribbean and in Africa. It is a book on primeval indigenous metaphysical sciences entitled, “Thoughts From The Underworld: The Three Cycles: Seers Edition” -

Ben Davidson, via Skype, is the Director of the Mobile Observatory Project, Founder and Producer of the Observing the Frontier Conference, and Founder of the Suspicious0bservers, a group of science enthusiasts and independent researchers in excess of 300,000 people across the globe. After training and working in due diligence research, Ben turned his skills towards his passions. Ben hosts a popular space-weather news show on YouTube and has posted daily for more than 5 years. He also operates, where you can find his primary research and literature reviews. Research topics include heliophysics, cosmic chemistry, seismology, earth's magnetism, climate change, meteorology, geopolitics, health/nutrition, and the new electric universe theories.  Ben’s Observing The Frontier Conference is the following weekend Feb. 16th-18th, 2018 in Albuquerque, NM Get tickets Now

Physicist, Nassim Haramein has spent over 30 years researching and discovering connections in physics, mathematics, geometry, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry and other fields. His findings are focused on a fundamental geometry of space that connects us all; from the quantum and molecular scale to cosmological objects in the Universe.

Mark Hinds advocates new thinking in science and physics which has specific implications in energy, material sciences, human health, agriculture, transportation, telecommunications and consciousness. The ventures, projects, public outreach, and education he supports have the opportunity to radically and positively transform the human experience. His skill lies in supporting genius outside of the mainstream, including inventors, scientists, social disruptors, conscious thought-leaders, innovators, change-makers, provokers, visual artists, musical artists, and spiritual explorers.


In 2014, Mark created Sukha LLC, to bring forth technologies which have important, transformational impacts on human health, energy and global environmental issues. Sukha’s companies SONIPHI, Divina Biotechnology and Sourcefield offer breakthrough tools for harnessing energy and achieving a healthier planet. Sourcefield is poised to reduce global electricity consumption by up to 70%, saving the auto-industry up to $500 billion annually in energy costs during this rapid growth of the electric motor market.